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I’m Jill C. Brown, Health and Wellbeing Life Coach and owner of Advance Life Coaching. I help people get back on track after a health diagnosis. I will help you discover a way forwards. My varied career includes 22 years as a Driving Instructor, teaching disabled and non-disabled drivers.  Coaching people to overcome their emotional and physical fears, they felt they had “more than a driving lesson”. So I trained to be a Life Coach, gaining a Diploma in Life Coaching, whilst studying Positive Psychology.

Clients tell me that an unexpected health change can be confusing and overwhelming. That’s how I felt after learning I had diabetes. After a change of heart, diet and exercise, I managed to reverse the symptoms. With a different approach, I’m convinced a new health condition doesn’t have to be life-limiting.

Jill C Brown

Health and Wellbeing Life Coach

Owner of Advance Life Coaching



Just as the best athletes need a helping hand to get over a hurdle, Health & Wellbeing Life Coaching gives you the clarity to navigate the next stage of your journey. You have the answer to your dilemma; it’s in the backpack you are carrying. You just need to unpack its contents (your mind-set and life choices) and put it back together a little differently. Then you are equipped for the next destination on your travels.

Don’t let a health diagnosis determine your future! Let’s find a way to balance the demands of work, home and family with the full and happy life you deserve to live. Fight back, live life on your own terms and take control. 

If you would like to talk to a life coach, let’s have a no obligation chat on 07812 897 159. I would love to help.

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