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I wasn't sure how to deal with a recent challenge so approached Jill for some coaching guidance. She very quickly helped me clarify exactly what to do.. She challenged me, in a supportive way. She helped me unpick the problem and get to the heart of the real issue so I could come up with my own conclusions. Jill's positive, thoughtful style of coaching is a breath of fresh air. I would definitely use her again and recommend others do too. Thank you, Jill!

Jill has made a huge difference to my life. She will sit and quietly listen to me talking, moaning or crying and then offer her observations in a non-judgmental but honest way. She has a way of making you think that you have thought of actions and solutions all by yourself! Jill has helped me to believe in myself again after a very long period of doubt and I would thoroughly recommend her to others.

Jill has helped me to focus on the positives and realise my true potential and self-worth. Thanks to her patience and guidance I have found the confidence to move forward and believe in myself. Jill is always there to steady me when life gets a bit wobbly - everyone needs a Jill. I am truly grateful to have her in my life.


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