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Put on your 'can do shoes' ™.


Does your diagnosis feel like a trap?


Many people facing a diagnosis feel trapped by fear!

Suddenly everything has changed and they don’t know what’s in store.


A diagnosis isn’t the end! I can help you step forward into a full life after a diagnosis or with an illness.


  • Feel like your diagnosis means you can’t do things you’d love to do.


  • Feel trapped in a fearful place, with no one to turn to.


  • Feel like you can’t plan or enjoy life because all you see are the challenges ahead


All this worry and uncertainty can leave you feeling down and tired, so you have no energy to try.


How would you like to change this?

What would that change look like to you?

What would you like to be different?


We can work together so you can get perspective and understand that although things have changed, there’s still so much you can do!


In just two months, I can support you to create your own plan to move forward. We can work out practical steps for you to reclaim your life and live the life you want.


Give me a call on 07812 897 159 to sign up for “it’s a new day” and we can talk.

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